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Traffic Control Services

At Domcor Traffic Control International we specialize in one service – Traffic Control!

We provide all aspects of traffic control:

  • Detailed Traffic Management Plans
  • Traffic Control Managers and Supervisors
  • Traffic Control Permits
  • Certified Traffic Control Personnel
  • Lane Closure Technicians
  • Qualified OFA Level 1 / 2 / 3 First Aid Personnel
  • Equipment - Road Signs, Traffic Delineation, Traffic Barriers etc.
  • Lane Closure
  • Arrow Board Equipped Vehicles
  • Canada wide coverage, no job too big or too remote for Domcor.
  • 24/7 Services available

Domcor Traffic Control International proudly provides exceptional traffic control services across BC with the capability to provide services across Canada, offering a full range of traffic control services. In addition to our flagging and lane closure services, we also offer traffic management plans, projects traffic management, supervisors, staff, equipment and permit acquisition. Our lane closure technicians provide professional services to jobs that require the diversion of traffic and highway lane closures. We provide quality vehicles equipped with arrow boards, delineators, and appropriate signage for any job, from short duration worker safety flagging to long-term highway projects.

Domcor Traffic Control International have years of experience, across many industries and we have provide services to the pulp and paper, construction, industrial, oil & gas, mining, and residential markets.

Our turn-key services are offered 24/7, contact us to discuss your traffic control requirements. For additional information and a no obligation quotation.

Contact Us to discuss your traffic control needs.

COR Certified

We take great pride in being COR certified (BCCSA - Certificate of Recognition).

This certification ensures that when you select Domcor as your Traffic Control company of choice you are choosing a company and its employees who are held to the highest safety standards in the industry, from new hire orientation to the most experienced employees.

Indigenous Relations

Domcor is committed to our Indigenous Relations. Domcor works with our Joint Venture partners to identify and train members to provide a broad range of Industrial Services for specific projects and opportunities within their Traditional Territories.

  • We provide the H&S, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Licencing, Insurance and Mentoring
  • We are unique as we TRAIN while providing the services we train for.
  • We are able to HIRE community members providing capacity and income opportunities
  • We REVENUE SHARE with our partners.

Our success is built on transparent relationships and open communication.  Domcor respects the culture and priorities of the communities that we work with and look to maximize successes, mitigate challenges and ensure that our partners and the industries we serve all win.

We are also a proud member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business which is a member based organization driving business opportunities and advancing corporate social responsibility for the Aboriginal community. Domcor is a Certified BRONZE Member.

  • Domcor has had a core focus on the 4 pillars of the program
  • Leadership, Employment, Business Development, Community Relations / Community Investment
  • PAR continually makes Domcor a better partner and ensures continuous improvement in our relationships.
  • Domcor is proud of its commitment to PAR. 
  • We will be going for our second Certification in 2018 with a focus on obtaining the GOLD Level.

Please contact our VP of Indigenous Relations to see how Domcor can support your projects and opportunities.

What Sets Domcor Apart From Other Traffic Control Service Providers?

We offer full service traffic control management nationally, with a comprehensive offering throughout BC.

We train our own staff through our affiliate Domcor Health, Safety & Security Inc. which means we can provide highly skilled, traffic controllers who are trained to work at a variety of sites and with many different clients. Our flaggers are trained in multi-faceted flagging requirements, to meet customized client needs. All of our Supervisors have completed specialized Supervisor Responsibility for Safety training which is focused on the responsibilities surrounding traffic control, BCCSA requirements, WorkSafe BC and OH&S regulations and M.O.T.I. regulations. 

Safety First!

Our flaggers and traffic control services staff work with the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (M.O.T.I) to ensure our traffic road safety personnel keep drivers and workers safe, first and foremost.

All traffic control flaggers have valid certification of competence through BCCSA along with highway experience, meeting provincial legislations.

We can also provide Flaggers with Occupational First Aid (OFA) Level 1, 2 or 3 if required.


Contact Domcor Traffic Control International TODAY!

Contact us and we would be pleased to discuss your current situation, timeline and budget with you. We have experience working in all industries and can provide the service or training you need.

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